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When faced with turning a rough draft into a finished product, professional editing services have the power to make your life easier. Finesse Editing Agency is the leading editing service catering to publishing organizations, authors, literary agents, and educators. With an extensive range of editing and proofreading services available, we work with you to create the most fluent and engaging text that makes an impact. We offer an exceptional range of book and copy-editing services that deliver high-powered text at the most cost-effective prices.

Convenient Online Editing Services with the Experts

Now, more than ever, it is important that you have access to editing and proofreading services in the most convenient way. At Finesse Editing Agency, we offer online editing services designed to make your work stand out. Our book editing services are available online, where you benefit from a custom-created editing service that takes you from the rough draft to the final product. Our online editing services are perfect for text of any length. See how affordable editing services can improve readability at the right price.

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At Finesse Editing Agency, we provide the most comprehensive book and copy editing services possible. Transform your rough draft into the word-perfect final product that you are aiming for, at the most affordable prices. Request a quote through our contact page today, or call us at +91-9321861088 for more.

We’ve got you covered throughout the editorial journey



 Evaluation of the draft
 Discussion about editing services required
 Drawing up of a mutual contract



Structural/Developmental editing
Review/critique for further revisions required



Copy/Line editing
Author review for further editing or changes in draft



A final review of changes—by both author and editor
Final payment and handing over of a word-perfect draft
Team To work with
Finesse Editing aims at providing word-perfect English language editing and proofreading services and positioning ourselves as the preferred partner to customers around the globe, including publishing organizations, Literary agents, authors, educators and academic institutions.
We are a start-up, driven by purpose and passion rather than rigid business models and old-school revenue generation plans, looking to establish a name for ourselves in the industry. Being a smaller company, we can be flexible and innovative in our business and provide a more efficient, cost-effective and personalised service. We will ensure that you are included in your document’s editorial journey at all major steps, reinforcing transparency between you and the editors. We’re with you till the end of the line!
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