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Finesse Editing offers affordable and comprehensive editing and proofreading services for individuals and businesses. We bring in years of extensive experience along with a strong foundation of customer service. Finesse Editing believes in satisfying the customer needs above all.

We personalise our services according to the client requirements and expectations. And we offer flexible and timely support throughout the content development process.




We are a friendly team to work with.

Currently, we are a team of 5 dedicated and talented individuals, with each bringing a special skillset to ensure that your document gets the attention it deserves.
Mansoor Fatehi

Mansoor Fatehi


Mansoor has over 18 years of experience in Sales and Business Development in the Enterprise segment and possesses exceptional relationship building and customer relationship skills to ensure prolonged business association.
He has completed an MBA from the University of Queensland, Australia, and has deployed his extensive skillset in various companies across India.
He has in-depth knowledge and experience in business dynamics, updated market knowledge, exploring new territories and opportunities, combined with the ability to understand the client’s business requirements and translate them into workable solutions.

Tasneem Fatehi

Tasneem Fatehi


Tasneem has over six years of experience in copy editing and two years in developmental editing. She has edited technical e-books, fiction novels, student essays, website pages, and is looking at making a name for herself and a brand for this agency in the editing and publishing industry.
She has exquisite control over the English language and is adept at singling out grammatical errors in any text. She is also quite articulate and capable of giving personal attention to each and every project she undertakes. As she believes in open and transparent communication, you can be rest assured that you will know exactly what is going on with your project.
Most importantly, Tasneem does not consider this as a business; what drives her is the passion for the written word—and its perfection!